Monday, August 3, 2009

The Mother Load

I wandered out to the mailbox to find Kirsten's package with three molys enclosed including my finished one! yeah! Now I have two to do, David's which has come back to me, and Lapin's.
Kirsten pointed out I collect monsters, umm, can I make it more interesting?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lapin´s Moly: Collections

My favorite addition to all the molys of the moly_x_6 group I did in the past week. Lapin´s moly has the theme "Collections". While he collects lamps and David collects portraits of elder men, I collect comics. I just love comics - specially the dark and weird Asian comics. I have more to add when the moly comes around a second time.

David´s moly

I had a hard time with David´s moly. I like the Octopus, but not the rest of the picture.

Emma´s completed moly

Wow. After a long time I finally managed to get on with the molys. I just had 8 molys from 4 groups lying around and didn´t really know where to start. As I had so many from this group, I did all of them together and sent off 3 to Emma last week. Emma, your moly is completed now.