Thursday, May 1, 2008


my moleskine is on it's way to you Kerstin. I want everyone to feel completely free to add anything anywhere to it. I'm most excited about the collaboration part of this exchange. the theme for this book is red

to kerstin may 1st

bleed moleskine x 6

bleed moleskine x 6  jam


Marty Harris said...

This is flickn great. I mean it. I love it. A bit of icky goin' on in the moly_x_house tonight.

ksklein said...

wow, wow, wow. love it and specially that i get to keep the envelope.
red is my favorite color too and for group 19 my book has this theme too. :)

benconservato said...

That is cool, so glad we finally got to see it! I can't wait to see it for real.

ksklein said...

me too! and i get to see it first! ;)

benconservato said...

no fair!
But I am looking forward to Gorey-ing out soon!

Lemez said...

Just Wow!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, delicious detail!