Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Emma´s Babushkas

My addition to Emma´s Moly_x_6
I´m done with Emma´s Moly and will send it off on Friday to her. (Tomorrow is my daughter´s first day of school and I won´t find the time to go to the post office.)
I have always loved Babushkas but never really saw them in Emma´s figures. I always considered them to be "cute little monsters". But when David mentioned it, I wondered why I hadn´t seen the obvious.
Anyway, I´m not quite satisfied with my addition to this wonderful moly. I´ll try better next round.

My addition to Emma´s Moly_x_6
Wohoo! I just realized this is the first one which has completed its round once.


david bessent said...

You're too humble. I think your pages look great. Congrats on your daughter's first day of school. She must be so excited.

benconservato said...

yeah! And it is mine!
Beautiful Kersten, I think your addition is wonderful! I hope you didn't cry when you dropped your daughter off at school.

ksklein said...

@david: yes, we are all excited. :) and i´m just not too comfortable with too cutsy stuff.

@emma: thanks emma. we´ll be dropping her off - actually we are joing on her first day - in two hours. i´m not the one to cry at these events. but maybe my husband ;)

Anna Denise said...

WOW! Looks amazing!