Monday, April 28, 2008

First exchange coming up this week

We have only 3 more days to send off the Moleskines. A lot of us have already posted some scans here and the work has been fantastic and fun to look at.
As it is our first exchange, it would be nice if everybody could comment here, whether you have sent off your moleskine, if you are going to be late or maybe even have left the group ;), etc. That will help the whole group to keep up to date and to organize changes quickly.
  • blackvampire: Kerstin, Germany - on its way to
  • benconservato: Emma, France - sending soon to
  • ghostschool: Wilbur, Scotl. - sending soon to
  • lemez: Vladimir, Czech Rep. - ?
  • david bessent: David, USA - ?
Please also tell us when you receive a moleskine!


benconservato said...

I am sending mine today. I just have to drag myself to the fun French post office and hope there isn't queue jumpers... I love the French in the post office!

ksklein said...

great... slowly the group starts rolling! :)

Wil Freeborn said...

I'll be sending mine tomorrow (just need to do the front page)

ksklein said...

great, let us know when they are off.

Anonymous said...

I love this project, wonderful work!
Do you still accept participants ?

ksklein said...

The groups is ful, but we had a drop out at group 19. Would be great if you join in.