Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ready to send out

I´m finally done with this one and it is ready to be sent off. As it is my first time, I already did a few mistakes. First of all, I used way to many pages. I didn´t start at the first page, but later I decided to add the title page and a page for the participants in the front. I´ll hold myself back the next time.
And I didn´t know that we were supposed to blend into each others work. So the page is pretty much filled out. But I´m happy with the way it turned out and the next time I will leave enough space for blending.
And I didn´t mean to be discouraging. I´m only done, as I had started with it before I even started this group. So I can relax now.


benconservato said...

wow, cool, can't wait to see it in the "flesh"!

Lemez said...


lapin said...

eh eh, good advices. I'll try to remember all what you explain here, now that I have to begin one too.

ksklein said...

:) I´m really curious to see your first pages.