Sunday, April 13, 2008

Posting date: May 1

Hi everybody,

as you know the group is going through some changes. Lee has somehow disappeared and I was asked to lead the group. A few members joined other exchanges, as they didn´t get any news from this one.
Please let me know whether you are still in the group or whether you have joined a new one. I have already asked a lot of my fav. artists to join and I presumably will be starting another group too. But for now I need to know who is still in.

For new members: Please read the rules in the first post and then join if you agree on them. We plan to send off our Moleskines on May 1.


benconservato said...

I am part of Moleskine X13, as well, but I would love to be apart of this one as well. I was a little confused when I got the email, but, hey WHY NOT!

ksklein said...

Hey cool, so finally someone is answering. ;)
So I´ll set you up for sure.

Occam`s razor said...

so how many people r still here? I would love to keep staying here but I`m afraid I can`t handle three group at a time(moly_x2, moly_x20 any moly_x6)

ksklein said...

Hi Joyce,

actually all the people on the list at the right side are here. I put you in group 20. I would like to keep this group 6 a bit smaller. Is that okay?