Sunday, April 27, 2008

my entry to moly x

My entry is almost ready for posting. The theme I went for is the alphabet. It means my pages aren't consecutive, I hope this is okay.

I've marked each page lightly (in pencil) with each of the letters of the alphabet. I've done G, K, R and W to start of with. 


ksklein said...

wow. this is great. do you have some closer scans? or did you post them at flickr? i would love to have a closer look!
i think this one will be a lot of fun too.

ksklein said...

and what did you do for the "w"?

Wil Freeborn said...

thanks Kerstin, there are close ups in my flickr.

w is for wampa : )

ksklein said...

Wampa? I´m off to flickr to check that out.

ksklein said...

actually the theme is really, really good.