Sunday, April 13, 2008

My First Moleskine Exchange

Just to get some pics in here and to show you the idea of my Moleskine:
Tribute to Gorey
This will be the first Moleskine exchange I´m participating in. My book will have the theme "Tribute to Edward Gorey". I just love his strange, weird art. I´m not done with it yet, I want to fill up the pages a lot more and have less white space.
So I would love black and white drawings added by the other artists, maybe with the addition of red (my fav. color). But I do not care too much about everybody having to do this theme. Feel free to add what you feel comfortable with and use whatever colors or other stuff you want to.
Tribute to Gorey
I think I may have used a few pages too many. I left the first one empty for all the names of the participants and then I used 4 pages for my drawing. And I forgot to leave some white space on the right side of my drawing to let the next artist blend into this pic. Well, I´m learning! :)


benconservato said...

This is amazing!
I'm scared!

Marty Harris said...

She is setting the bar awfully high right from the start isn't she? Yikes!

Wil said...

Looking amazing
(Ordering my moleskin today)

ksklein said...

:) Thanks for the comments. I guess the group is starting now. Woo hoo!

No need to be scared or amazed. All the artists I asked to join in are artist who do stuff which I really, really like and most of it is art which I can´t do myself. So I think we will all have a wonderful book full of different art at the end.

Can´t wait to see more.

david bessent said...

This is exciting! I can't wait to see what happens with our books.