Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where is my Moleskine?

Here you can check out the current position of your Moleskine:
  • (1) blackvampire: Kerstin, Germany - sent off (1)
  • (2) benconservato: Emma, France - no moly
  • (3) ghostschool: Wilbur, Scotl. - finished (3)
  • (4) Lapin: Julien Fassel, Spain - working on (5) and (2)
  • (5) david bessent: David, USA - ?
Please comment when you send off or receive a Moleskine. You will always have access to this post through the link at the top right corner.

Monday, April 28, 2008

First exchange coming up this week

We have only 3 more days to send off the Moleskines. A lot of us have already posted some scans here and the work has been fantastic and fun to look at.
As it is our first exchange, it would be nice if everybody could comment here, whether you have sent off your moleskine, if you are going to be late or maybe even have left the group ;), etc. That will help the whole group to keep up to date and to organize changes quickly.
  • blackvampire: Kerstin, Germany - on its way to
  • benconservato: Emma, France - sending soon to
  • ghostschool: Wilbur, Scotl. - sending soon to
  • lemez: Vladimir, Czech Rep. - ?
  • david bessent: David, USA - ?
Please also tell us when you receive a moleskine!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

my entry to moly x

My entry is almost ready for posting. The theme I went for is the alphabet. It means my pages aren't consecutive, I hope this is okay.

I've marked each page lightly (in pencil) with each of the letters of the alphabet. I've done G, K, R and W to start of with. 

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ready to leave Munich

Mail Art
A lot of you have already sent off their Moleskines. I´m also ready with the Moleskines for the 3 groups of the Moleskine exchange".

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reminder: Only 1 more Week!

Hi everybody, we have exactly one week now to send off the Moleskines with our artwork. Will everybody manage to do that? Are there any questions which have to be answered?
So far all the updates with scans of some moleskines have been great. I can´t wait to see your art in real.
Please post your progress here to keep the group updated.

PS: Everybody please accept the invitation to the blog. Otherwise you won´t be able to post your entries here.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I believe I am ready to go too.

I have been working on and off no this all day, and I believe I am done. Ready to go to the next person.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ready to send out

I´m finally done with this one and it is ready to be sent off. As it is my first time, I already did a few mistakes. First of all, I used way to many pages. I didn´t start at the first page, but later I decided to add the title page and a page for the participants in the front. I´ll hold myself back the next time.
And I didn´t know that we were supposed to blend into each others work. So the page is pretty much filled out. But I´m happy with the way it turned out and the next time I will leave enough space for blending.
And I didn´t mean to be discouraging. I´m only done, as I had started with it before I even started this group. So I can relax now.


If there are any questions regarding the exchange just post it in the comments or maybe also write it as an extra post if it is something which may concern everybody. If it is more private, you can also send us an email.
Emma is going to be the second administrator of the blog. We are doing this together to insure that one of us will be online so we can help you out (when needed). Sometimes I´m not online (Saturday, vacation, holidays, etc.) and then it is nice to know that there is someone taking care of any issues. Thanks Emma!

BTW: This Friday afternoon till Monday night I won´t be online. I hope to come back to lots of new images here. (Just kidding!)

Lets show what we are doing!

I have done more work on my Moleskine than this, but I am happier with showing this image than how it looks at the moment. I hope to have a better image tomorrow for you all.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My First Moleskine Exchange

Just to get some pics in here and to show you the idea of my Moleskine:
Tribute to Gorey
This will be the first Moleskine exchange I´m participating in. My book will have the theme "Tribute to Edward Gorey". I just love his strange, weird art. I´m not done with it yet, I want to fill up the pages a lot more and have less white space.
So I would love black and white drawings added by the other artists, maybe with the addition of red (my fav. color). But I do not care too much about everybody having to do this theme. Feel free to add what you feel comfortable with and use whatever colors or other stuff you want to.
Tribute to Gorey
I think I may have used a few pages too many. I left the first one empty for all the names of the participants and then I used 4 pages for my drawing. And I forgot to leave some white space on the right side of my drawing to let the next artist blend into this pic. Well, I´m learning! :)

Posting date: May 1

Hi everybody,

as you know the group is going through some changes. Lee has somehow disappeared and I was asked to lead the group. A few members joined other exchanges, as they didn´t get any news from this one.
Please let me know whether you are still in the group or whether you have joined a new one. I have already asked a lot of my fav. artists to join and I presumably will be starting another group too. But for now I need to know who is still in.

For new members: Please read the rules in the first post and then join if you agree on them. We plan to send off our Moleskines on May 1.